1. 02 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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      Refactor find_queue_equivalence_classes and drain clear code · 2cda012d
      Paul Rich authored
      After discussions, the current find_queue_equivalence_classes for this
      system really only complicates the codebase for very little actual gain.
      After this, the system will have only one equivalence class at all times
      consisting of all active queues assigned to nodes and all active
      This simplification allows us to ensure that find_job_location only gets
      called twice, once for reservations, which ignore drain times, and then
      immediately after for the normal "production" queue jobs, which do set
      drain times.  In both cases we can just clear drain times across the
      In addition to testing (and more tests coming for the case that caused
      this examination to begin with), we know that this works, as any system
      with a queue or set of overlapping queues across all resources on the
      machine forms a single equivalence class under the old code.
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      Draining and backfilling basics operational. · 7856d38b
      Paul Rich authored
      Draining and backfilling are passing basic tests.  Need to add more test
      cases to the automated suite and test corner cases around
      queues/reservations/locations list.
      Also need to add backfill time display to nodelist/nodeadm -l.
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