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Updating CHANGES for 1.0.21 release

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= Changes from previous Cobalt Versions =
== Changes to 1.0.21 ==
* Fixed numerous locking issues in job startup that could result in a small chance
of failed job initialization.
* Fixed an issue on Cray systems where brief network disruptions on service nodes
can cause a loss of contact with a forker resulting in a loss of the running jobs.
* Added additional logging for ProxyErrors. The original trace/error message should
now be presented to the caller in the event of a ProtocolError.
* Fixed an issue in the cdbwriter where an error in writing job attributes could
cause a recurring error loop preventing database updates.
== Changes to 1.0.20 ==
* Fix for certain IO error messages that were ambiguous.
* Fix for an issue where attrs on a job are changed as a part of a filter script while
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