Commit eba304b2 authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich
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Adding in test case for overlapping queues with only one active.

parent e845eafd
......@@ -412,6 +412,20 @@ class TestCraySystem(object):
'mismatch in returned equiv class queues %s' %
def test_find_queue_equivalence_classes_overlap_single_active(self):
'''CraySystem.find_queue_equivalence_classes: partial overlapping queues one active queue only'''
self.system.nodes['1'].queues = ['foo']
self.system.nodes['2'].queues = ['foo', 'default']
equivs = self.system.find_queue_equivalence_classes({}, ['foo'], [])
assert len(equivs) == 1, (
'Have %s equiv classes, should have 1.' %
for equiv in equivs:
assert sorted(equiv['queues']) == ['foo'], (
'mismatch in returned equiv class queues %s' %
def test_find_queue_equivalence_classes_disjoint(self):
'''CraySystem.find_queue_equivalence_classes: disjoint queues'''
# we return one class now, no matter what.
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