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Updating CHANGES for 1.0.9

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= Changes from previous Cobalt Versions =
== Changes to 1.0.9 ==
* Cobalt database writer now working properly with Cray Systems.
* Updates to the Cobalt Database DDL build scripts
* Interactive jobs enhanded to work in Cray's eLogin environment. Users will
now be sent to a node that can run a real aprun prior to their shell being
* The Cray init script will now tag all redirected console output files with
the originating node.
* Components now log what host they are launched on at startup
== Changes to 1.0.8 ==
* Fixed a bug where a node going down during a running job could allow that
node to be selected for draining.
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* Fixed an error where the queue-manager statefile could be lost if Cobalt was
brought down with a job in the "Terminal" state.
== Changes to 1.0.7 ==
* Updated a new Cray-system specific init script.
== Changes to 1.0.6 ==
* Backfill now supported on Cray systems.
* Major performance improvement to nodelist and nodeadm -l.
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