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updating find_job_location docstring

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......@@ -1366,7 +1366,38 @@ class BGBaseSystem (Component):
def find_job_location(self, arg_list, end_times, pt_blocking_locations=[]):
''' get the best location for a job.
'''Given a list of job parameters, expected termination times, and
locations blocked by reservation passthrough, find the best available
location for a job to run and/or drain the best location for pending
top-of-queue jobs on the system.
arg_list: A list of job data dictionaries. Job dicts will have
jobid, user, queue, utility_score, attrs, and walltime. Job dicts may
have a list of required locations, forbidden locations,
pt_forbidden locations, and geometry. It is assumed that
this list has been sorted in order of job execution
preference, usally utility score order.
end_times: A dictionary of blocks with running jobs and their
expected termination time in seconds from epoch.
Termination time is from the queue-manager equal to job
start time + walltime. This is empty when finding locations
for reservations, and ensures first-fit behavior in
pt_blocking_locations: A list of blocks that are blocked due to
passthrough considerations due to Cobalt reservation
placement in the scheduler.
A list of dictionaries mapping jobid to block name to run on.
None. This is typically invoked via XML-RPC mechanisms,
Side Effects:
Will ultimately reset the backfill times/drain status of blocks.
Sets resource resrvations on blocks selected for job start.
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