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updating changes for 1.0.13

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= Changes from previous Cobalt Versions =
== Changes to 1.0.13 ==
* Added a web-service interface "cweb" client. This presents job, reservation
and node data over a REST API. This is based on the gronkd daemon from
the ALCF.
* Added TaskStart and TaskEnd (TS and TE) PBS accounting records. These are
specific to Cobalt. They correspond to when the user task is started/ended
by the queue-manager.
* Enhanced the Cray CAPMC boot scripts and filters. PBS style logs are now
provided wtih Boot Start and Boot End records.
* Enhanced the system component node allocator to try and prefer nodes that
match a job's requested memory modes to avoid unnecesssary memory mode shift
* alpssystem now updates node attributes from ALPS. Notably this updates the
MCDRAM(HBM) and NUMA information on the nodes. This happens at the standard
hardware update interval.
== Changes to 1.0.12 ==
* The BlueGene/Q now has a more optimistic backfilling algorithm that also
properly accounts for exactly which jobs are currently draining.
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