Commit d77cf04f authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich
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Fixed a type mismatch in dependency resolution with scaling dep frac

This was a simple type mismatch that would result in a failure of
scaling dep fracs based on job size.  Now the float value is forced.
parent e86d2e57
......@@ -3707,7 +3707,7 @@ class QueueManager(Component):
if job.dep_frac is None:
job.dep_frac = float(get_cqm_config('dep_frac', 0.5))
new_score = min(float(waiting_job.nodes) / job.nodes, 1.) * job.dep_frac * job.score
new_score = min(float(waiting_job.nodes) / float(job.nodes), 1.) * job.dep_frac * job.score
new_score = (float(get_cqm_config('dep_frac', 0.5)) * job.score)
dbwriter.log_to_db(None, "dep_frac_update", "job_prog", JobProgDepFracMsg(job))
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