Commit c7327ec4 authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich
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adding in test case for cleanup failing the first time even if status properly fetched.

parent 6ac5f03c
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ import time
import logging
import sys
from import raises
from mock import Mock, MagicMock, patch
from mock import Mock, MagicMock, patch, call
import Cobalt.Proxy
from Cobalt.Components.system.base_pg_manager import ProcessGroupManager
......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ class InspectMock(MagicMock):
return super(InspectMock, self).__getattr__(attr)
child_mock = MagicMock()
cleanup_mock = MagicMock()
class InspectMockMultiCall(MagicMock):
'''allow us to inspect what is going on within a proxy call'''
......@@ -38,6 +39,8 @@ class InspectMockMultiCall(MagicMock):
return child_mock
elif attr == 'fork':
return MagicMock(return_value=1)
elif attr == 'cleanup_children':
return cleanup_mock
return super(InspectMockMultiCall, self).__getattr__(attr)
_loc_list = [{'name': 'system', 'location': 'https://localhost:52140'},
......@@ -262,9 +265,39 @@ class TestProcessManager(object):
assert len(pgroups) == 1, "%s groups, should have 1" % len(pgroups)
assert sorted(pgroups.keys()) == [1], "wrong groups."
component_call_count = args[0].call_count
# only called 4 times. There is no call to the forker cleanup on the second pass, already cleaned on first.
assert component_call_count == 4, "Component called %s times, should be 4" % component_call_count
assert pgroups[1].exit_status == 0, "Expected status 0, got status %s" % pgroups[1].exit_status
@patch('Cobalt.Proxy.DeferredProxy', side_effect=InspectMockMultiCall)
def test_update_groups_clean_if_first_fail(self, *args, **kwargs):
'''ProcessGroupManager.update_groups: cleanup after status fetch, cleanup fail, pg destruction.'''
mock_proxy = args[0]
global child_mock
global cleanup_mock
child_mock = MagicMock()
child_mock.side_effect = [[{'id': 1, 'exit_status': 0, 'complete': True, 'lost_child': False, 'signum': 0}],
[{'id': 1, 'exit_status': 0, 'complete': True, 'lost_child': False, 'signum': 0}],
cleanup_mock = MagicMock()
cleanup_mock.side_effect = [RuntimeError('Generic failure'), MagicMock()]
now = int(time.time())
pgroups = self.process_manager.process_groups
pgroups[1].startup_timeout = now - 120
#first time, get exit status, but fail to cleanup child
# second time, try to get exit status, but we've already deleted the process group on our end, so ensure
# forker data also gets cleaned up.
pgroups = self.process_manager.process_groups
assert len(pgroups) == 0, "%s groups, should have 0" % len(pgroups)
component_call_count = args[0].call_count
assert component_call_count == 5, "Component called %s times, should be 4" % component_call_count
cleanup_mock.assert_has_calls([call([1]), call([1])])
class TestPMUpdateLaunchers(object):
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