Commit c6fa4f4e authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich
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fixing errors that were causing failures in cdb messages

parent 1651a4c5
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ from Cobalt.Components.system.CrayNode import CrayNode
from Cobalt.Components.system.base_pg_manager import ProcessGroupManager
from Cobalt.Exceptions import ComponentLookupError
from Cobalt.Exceptions import JobNotInteractive
from Cobalt.Exceptions import JobValidationError
from Cobalt.DataTypes.ProcessGroup import ProcessGroup
from Cobalt.Util import compact_num_list, expand_num_list
from Cobalt.Util import init_cobalt_config, get_config_option
......@@ -1229,9 +1230,16 @@ class CraySystem(BaseSystem):
#Right now this does nothing. Still figuring out what a valid
#specification looks like.
# mode on this system defaults to script.
mode = spec.get('mode', None)
if ((mode is None) or (mode == False)):
spec['mode'] = 'script'
if spec['mode'] not in ['script', 'interactive']:
raise JobValidationError("Mode %s is not supported on Cray systems." % mode)
# FIXME: Pull this out of the system configuration from ALPS ultimately.
# For now, set this from config for the PE count per node
# nodes = int(spec['nodes'])
spec['nodecount'] = int(spec['nodecount'])
# proccount = spec.get('proccount', None)
# if proccount is None:
# nodes *
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