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Fix for nids suddenly appearing in ALPS.

Nodes brought up in a disabled state at machine boot will not be
reported in ALPS.  This allows us to detect and recover when nodes are
warm-swapped back into service.
parent bb96c2b5
......@@ -112,7 +112,10 @@ class CraySystem(BaseSystem):
if spec is not None:
node_info = spec.get('node_info', {})
for nid, node in node_info.items():
except: #check the exception types later. Carry on otherwise.
self.logger.warning("Node nid: %s not found in restart information. Bringing up node in a clean configuration.", nid)
#storage for pending job starts. Allows us to handle slow starts vs
#user deletes
self.pending_starts = {} #jobid: time this should be cleared.
......@@ -126,6 +129,10 @@ class CraySystem(BaseSystem):'UPDATE THREAD STARTED')
self.current_equivalence_classes = []
self.killing_jobs = {}
#hold on to the initial spec in case nodes appear out of nowhere.
self.init_spec = None
if spec is not None:
self.init_spec = spec
def __getstate__(self):
'''Save process, alps-reservation information, along with base
......@@ -269,6 +276,44 @@ class CraySystem(BaseSystem):
def _reconstruct_node(self, inven_node, inventory):
'''Reconstruct a node from statefile information. Needed whenever we
find a new node. If no statefile information from the orignal cobalt
invocation exists, bring up a node in default states and mark node
administratively down.
This node was disabled and invisible to ALPS at the time Cobalt was
initialized and so we have no current record of that node.
nid = inven_node['node_id']
new_node = None
#construct basic node from inventory
for node_info in inventory['nodes']:
if int(node_info['node_id']) == int(nid):
new_node = CrayNode(node_info)
if new_node is None:
#we have a phantom node?
self.logger.error('Unable to find inventory information for nid: %s', nid)
# if we have information from the statefile we need to repopulate the
# node with the saved data.
# Perhaps this should be how I construct all node data anyway?
if self.init_spec is not None:
node_info = self.init_spec.get('node_info', {})
self.logger.warning('Node %s reconstructed.', nid)
self.logger.warning("Node nid: %s not found in restart information. Bringing up node in a clean configuration.", nid, exc_info=True)
#put into admin_down
new_node.admin_down = True
new_node.status = 'down'
self.logger.warning('Node %s marked down.', nid)
self.nodes[str(nid)] = new_node
self.logger.warning('Node %s added to tracking.', nid)
def update_node_state(self):
'''update the state of cray nodes. Check reservation status and system
......@@ -356,6 +401,9 @@ class CraySystem(BaseSystem):
#find hardware status
#so we do this only once for nodes being added.
#full inventory fetch is expensive.
recon_inventory = None
for inven_node in inven_nodes.values():
if self.nodes.has_key(str(inven_node['node_id'])):
node = self.nodes[str(inven_node['node_id'])]
......@@ -376,10 +424,19 @@ class CraySystem(BaseSystem):
if node.role.upper() not in ['BATCH'] and node.status is 'idle':
node.status = 'alps-interactive'
# Cannot add nodes on the fly. Or at lesat we shouldn't be
# able to.
_logger.error('UNS: ALPS reports node %s but not in our node list.',
# Apparently, we CAN add nodes on the fly. The node would
# have been disabled. We need to add a new node and update
# it's state.
_logger.warning('Unknown node %s found. Starting reconstruction.', inven_node['node_id'])
if recon_inventory is None:
recon_inventory = ALPSBridge.fetch_inventory()
_logger.error('Failed to fetch inventory. Will retry on next pass.', exc_info=True)
self._reconstruct_node(inven_node, recon_inventory)
# _logger.error('UNS: ALPS reports node %s but not in our node list.',
# inven_node['node_id'])
#should down win over running in terms of display?
#keep node that are marked for cleanup still in cleanup
for node in cleanup_nodes:
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