Commit 929c3d7f authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich
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Actually entering a bad-integer pass test.

This can happen from some of the XMLRPC calls.
parent bedcb951
......@@ -1050,3 +1050,18 @@ class TestCraySystem(object):
assert_match(info, None, 'Bad reservation info returned', is_match)
assert_match(len(self.system.alps_reservations.keys()), 0, "Wrong number of entries.")
@patch('Cobalt.Components.system.CraySystem.ALPSBridge.reserve', fake_alps_reserve)
@patch.object(time, 'time', return_value=500.000)
def test__ALPS_reserve_resources_bad_int_pass(self, *args, **kwargs):
'''CraySystem._ALPS_reserve_resources: Force integer to string key'''
job = {'user': 'frodo',
'jobid': 1,
'nodes': 5,
'attrs': {},
node_id_list = [str(i) for i in xrange(1, 6)]
new_time = 600.0
info = self.system._ALPS_reserve_resources(job, new_time, node_id_list)
assert_match(info, node_id_list, 'Bad reservation info returned')
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