Commit 8cd9fafc authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich

fixing race condition that can miss a K record.

parent cad84a4e
......@@ -531,7 +531,12 @@ class ReservationDict (DataDict):
reservation.deleting = True #Do not let the is_active check succeed.
#This should be the last place we have handles to reservations,
#after this they're heading to GC.
if reservation.is_active():
# This seems redundant, but there is a race condition where is_over
# may not have been invoked yet, but the reservation is no longer
# active. In this case, if is over would be true, but hadn't bene
# invoked yet, is_active would be false and we would miss this. So,
# this should coerce the right behavior.
if (not reservation.is_over()) and reservation.running:
#if we are active, then drop a deactivating message.
_write_to_accounting_log(accounting.system_remove(reservation.res_id, "Scheduler", reservation.ctime, reservation.stime,
etime, int(reservation.start), int(reservation.start) + int(reservation.duration),, reservation.queue,
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