Commit 8a2dbf8b authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich
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intermediate commit for optimized setres.

parent 079d16a5
......@@ -88,9 +88,18 @@ def verify_locations(partitions):
if system_type in ['alps_system']:
# nodes come in as a compact list. expand this.
check_partitions = []
# if we're not a compact list, convert to a compact list. Get this,
# ideally, in one call
for num_list in partitions:
test_parts = client_utils.component_call(SYSMGR, False,
'verify_locations', (check_partitions,))
# On Cray we will be a little looser to make setting reservations
# easier.'Got nodes: %s', compact_num_list(test_parts))
for p in check_partitions:
print "checking parts"
test_parts = client_utils.component_call(SYSMGR, False,
'verify_locations', (check_partitions,))
if len(test_parts) != len(check_partitions):
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