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Changes update for 1.20 release

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= Changes from previous Cobalt Versions =
== Changes to 1.0.20 ==
* Fix for certain IO error messages that were ambiguous.
* Fix for an issue where attrs on a job are changed as a part of a filter script while
using qmove that can cause attrs to become a string instead of a dictionary and
disrupt scheduling on a queue.
== Changes to 1.0.19 ==
* Hotfix for issue preventing rereservations for interactive jobs from being detected.
......@@ -12,7 +18,7 @@
jobs and reservations to be used with tools like pdsh
== Changes to 1.0.17 ==
* Added queue and project information to enviornment in Cray jobs.
* Added queue and project information to environment in Cray jobs.
== Changes to 1.0.15 ==
* Fix for an issue on Cray systems where Cobalt was not properly passing
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