Commit 631d806e authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich

adding duration and partitions changes to the active-id-while-active changes.

parent 6209e846
......@@ -184,13 +184,15 @@ class Reservation (Data):
write_mod_message = True
updated = False
if self.running and spec.has_key('start'):
if self.running and (spec.has_key('start') or spec.has_key('duration') or spec.has_key('partitions')):
#if we are modifying a reservation's start time for an actively running reservation, then
#we need to emit a specific set of records so an accounting system can sanely determine holds.
#The reservation will have to "system remove (stop), modify, and then begin" the active id will
#be incremented for the new begin. Our normal mechanisms don't catch this in the is_active check
#since the reservation will never actually go inactive.
if int(spec['start']) > int(self.start) and int(spec['start']) < (int(self.start) + int(self.duration)):
if (spec.has_key('duration') or
spec.has_key('partitions') or
int(spec['start']) > int(self.start) and int(spec['start']) < (int(self.start) + int(self.duration))):
logger.warning("Res %s/%s/%s: WARNING: start time changed during reservation to time within duration.",
self.res_id, self.cycle_id,
# the etime (when this really ended) is now.
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