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Prevent the sytstem component from trying to start a second PG on retry

If we are retrying a process group startup, we needed to check to see if
there was an existing process group from a past call to
add_process_groups, where the execution happened, but the retrun failed,
or from another badly timed exception in the queue-manager.

If a process group has been added, this will retrieve the prior PG for a
job.  It will not invoke the startup a second time unless the job was
never actually started on the initial pass.
parent 97d23faa
......@@ -1237,13 +1237,26 @@ class CraySystem(BaseSystem):
start_apg_timer = time.time()
with self.process_manager.process_groups_lock:
new_pgroups = []
for spec in specs:
# Check to see if there was a prior attempt that didn't register with cqm
# If we're already running a process group for this cobalt job, return those
# details.
found_pgroup = False
for pgroup in self.process_manager.process_groups.values():
if int(pgroup.jobid) == int(spec['jobid']):
_logger.warning("%s: Prior process group found from previous call.", pgroup.label)
found_pgroup = True
if found_pgroup:
spec['forker'] = None
alps_res = self.alps_reservations.get(str(spec['jobid']), None)
if alps_res is not None:
spec['alps_res_id'] = alps_res.alps_res_id
new_pgroups = self.process_manager.init_groups(specs)
except RuntimeError:
_logger.error('Job %s: Unable to initialize process group.', spec['jobid'])
......@@ -1252,6 +1265,10 @@ class CraySystem(BaseSystem):
#check resource reservation, and attempt to start. If there's a
#failure here, set exit status in process group to a sentinel value.
if pgroup.head_pid is not None:
#we've already started this one, don't try again.
_logger.warning("%s: Process group already started.", pgroup.label)
started = self.process_manager.start_groups([])
except ComponentLookupError:
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