Commit 579b717d authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich
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Merge branch 'cray-merge-slp-base' into 'develop'

Base component changes to allow for multiforker support to work.

Changes to allow multiple alps_script_forkers to run at once.

See merge request !14
parents 9dc323cc 8a7842da
......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ import logging
import time
import threading
import xmlrpclib
import socket
import Cobalt
import Cobalt.Proxy
......@@ -51,21 +52,38 @@ def state_file_location():
def run_component (component_cls, argv=None, register=True, state_name=False,
cls_kwargs={}, extra_getopt='', time_out=10,
'''Run the Cobalt component.
This will run until a the component is terminated.
single_threaded=False, seq_num=0, aug_comp_name=False,
'''Run the specified Cobalt component until recieving signal to terminate.
component_cls: underlying component library class to use for execution
argv: component-specific arguments [Default: None]
register: If true, register the component with the service-locator [Default: True]
state_name: Name of statefile to use for a component. If false, do not
generate a statefile [Default: False]
cls_kwargs: keyword arguments to pass to the underlying component class
[Default: {}]
extra_getopt: extra options to getopt [Default: '']
time_out: timeout for default task iteration in seconds. [Default: 10]
single_threaded: If true, run as a single-threaded componenent.
[Default: False]
seq_num: Sequence number of the componenent. This should be incremented
for multiple components on one host. [Default: 0]
aug_comp_name: Add the hostname and a sequence number to the component
name registered with the service-loactor if True.
[Default: False]
state_name_match_component: Make the statefile name match the component
name in the service-locator if using the
augmented name. [Default: False]
Exit status of the component
Components that make use of the fork system call must use
single-threaded mode.
......@@ -91,6 +109,18 @@ def run_component (component_cls, argv=None, register=True, state_name=False,
elif item[0] == '-d':
level = logging.DEBUG
# form new component name for running on multiple hosts.
# This includes a hostname and the sequence number to allow for multiple
# copies of the same component to be run. This is primarily used with
# forkers at this time.
if aug_comp_name: = '_'.join([, socket.gethostname(),
if state_name_match_component:
# Request that the statefile name match the augmented component name
if not state_name:
state_name =
Cobalt.Logging.setup_logging(component_cls.implementation, console_timestamp=True)
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