Commit 30dde2fb authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich
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Cobalt now gets updates on NUMA and MCDRAM mode changes.

parent 86d58743
...@@ -443,6 +443,7 @@ class CraySystem(BaseSystem): ...@@ -443,6 +443,7 @@ class CraySystem(BaseSystem):
if self.nodes.has_key(str(inven_node['node_id'])): if self.nodes.has_key(str(inven_node['node_id'])):
node = self.nodes[str(inven_node['node_id'])] node = self.nodes[str(inven_node['node_id'])]
node.role = inven_node['role'].upper() node.role = inven_node['role'].upper()
if node.reserved: if node.reserved:
#node marked as reserved. #node marked as reserved.
if self.alps_reservations.has_key(str(node.reserved_jobid)): if self.alps_reservations.has_key(str(node.reserved_jobid)):
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