Commit 25d01a9b authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich
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Updateds from code review: clarifing names and streamling steps

HBMCACHEPCT explicitly named and no longer operating on a node list,
goiong straight to nid list.  Should save memory/time.
parent 1e10e8ff
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ DRAIN_MODES = ['first-fit', 'backfill']
DEFAULT_MCDRAM_MODE = get_config_option('alpssystem', 'default_mcdram_mode', 'cache')
DEFAULT_NUMA_MODE = get_config_option('alpssystem', 'default_numa_mode', 'quad')
MCDRAM_TO_CACHEPCT = {'flat':'0', 'cache':'100', 'split':'25', 'equal':'50', '0':'0', '25':'25', '50':'50', '100':'100'}
MCDRAM_TO_HBMCACHEPCT = {'flat':'0', 'cache':'100', 'split':'25', 'equal':'50', '0':'0', '25':'25', '50':'50', '100':'100'}
VALID_MCDRAM_MODES = ['flat', 'cache', 'split', 'equal', '0', '25', '50', '100']
VALID_NUMA_MODES = ['a2a', 'hemi', 'quad', 'snc2', 'snc4']
......@@ -816,19 +816,18 @@ class CraySystem(BaseSystem):
if job.get('attrs', {}).get('mcdram', None) is None or job.get('attrs', {}).get('numa', None) is None:
# insufficient information to include a mode match
return self._select_first_nodes(job, node_id_list)
ret_nodes = []
ret_nids = []
with self._node_lock:
considered_nodes = [node for node in self.nodes.values() if node.node_id in node_id_list]
for node in considered_nodes:
if (node.attributes['hbm_cache_pct'] == MCDRAM_TO_CACHEPCT[job['attrs']['mcdram']] and
if (node.attributes['hbm_cache_pct'] == MCDRAM_TO_HBMCACHEPCT[job['attrs']['mcdram']] and
node.attributes['numa_cfg'] == job['attrs']['numa']):
if len(ret_nodes) < int(job['nodes']):
if len(ret_nids) < int(job['nodes']):
node_id_list.sort(key=lambda nid: int(nid))
for nid in node_id_list:
if self.nodes[nid] not in ret_nodes:
ret_nids = [node.node_id for node in ret_nodes]
if nid not in ret_nids:
return ret_nids[:int(job['nodes'])]
def _associate_and_run_immediate(self, job, resource_until_time, node_id_list):
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