Commit 16563e56 authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich
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fixing further issues in partial completed reboots and logging.

parent 5a8cd90f
......@@ -24,15 +24,14 @@ BOOT_FAILURE = 4
AVAILABLE_MCDRAM = ['cache', 'split', 'equal', 'flat']
AVAILABLE_NUMA = ['a2a', 'snc2', 'snc4', 'hemi', 'quad']
INITIALIZATION_TIMEOUT = 120.0 #120 #Time to wait for reboot to start
INITIALIZATION_TIMEOUT = 600.0 #defaulting to 10 minutes. Reboots are slow. Time to wait for reboot to start.
TIMEOUT = 2700 # reboot timeout in seconds
POLL_INT = 0.25
POLL_INT = 1.00 # Polling interval once we start checking for reboot completion
CAPMC_CMD = '/opt/cray/capmc/default/bin/capmc'
......@@ -136,6 +135,7 @@ def exec_fetch_output(cmd, args, timeout=None):
if timeout_trip:
raise RuntimeError("%s timed out!" % cmd)
if proc.returncode != 0:
logger.error('Error running cmd: %s args:%s.\nStdout: %s\nStderr: %s', cmd, args, stdout, stderr)
raise RuntimeError("%s failed with an exit status of %s" % (cmd, proc.returncode))
return (stdout, stderr)
......@@ -179,18 +179,18 @@ def reboot_complete(node_list, timeout, label):
exp_nodelist = set(expand_num_list(node_list))
while True:
if int(time.time()) > endtime:
print >> sys.stderr, "Reboot timed out."
logger.error("%s: Reboot of %s timed out.", label, node_list)
return False
stdout, stderr = exec_fetch_output(CAPMC_CMD,
['node_status', '--nids', node_list, '--filter', 'show_ready'])
except RuntimeError as exc:
logger.error("%s: Unable to complete reboot: %s\nstderr:%s", label, exc.message, stderr)
logger.error("%s: Unable to complete reboot: %s", label, exc.message)
return False
node_info = json.loads(stdout)
if 'ready' not in node_info.keys():
if not set(node_info['ready']) - set(exp_nodelist):
if not set(exp_nodelist) - set(node_info.get('ready', [])):
......@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@ def main():
if success and not reboot_complete(compact_nodes_to_modify, TIMEOUT,
print >> sys.stderr, "Node reboot Failed to complete"
logger.error("%s: Node reboot failed to complete, nodes: %s", label, compact_nodes_to_modify)
success = False
exit_status = BOOT_FAILURE
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