Commit 1319037d authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich
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post code-review changes. making sure this can never affect all jobs.

parent 06c5d122
......@@ -1282,17 +1282,23 @@ class ALPSReservation(object):
self.dying = True
return apids
def _find_non_batch_apids(resinfo, alps_res_id=None):
'''Extract apids from non-batch items.'''
def _find_non_batch_apids(resinfo, alps_res_id):
'''Extract apids from non-basil items.'''
apids = []
for alps_res in resinfo:
if alps_res_id is None or alps_res['reservation_id'] == str(alps_res_id):
#wow, this is ugly.
if str(alps_res['reservation_id']) == str(alps_res_id):
#wow, this is ugly. Traversing the XML from BASIL
for applications in alps_res['ApplicationArray']:
for application in applications.values():
for app_data in application:
# applicaiton id is at the app_data level. Multiple
# commands don't normally happen. Maybe in a MPMD job?
# All commands will have the same applicaiton id.
for commands in app_data['CommandArray']:
for command in commands.values():
# BASIL is the indicaiton of a apbasil
# reservation. apruns with the application of
# BASIL would be an error.
if command[0]['cmd'] != 'BASIL':
return apids
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