Commit 0f6338a7 authored by Paul Rich's avatar Paul Rich
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Merge branch 'revert-fe04ae24' into 'develop'

Revert "Merge branch 'revert-46a86e48' into 'develop'"

See merge request !62
parents 42315daa 12575aa0
......@@ -190,13 +190,12 @@ def extract_system_node_data(node_data):
return ret_nodeinfo
def fetch_ssd_static_data(nid_list=None, raw=False):
def fetch_ssd_static_data(nid_list=None, by_cname=False):
'''Get static SSD information from CAPMC.
nid_list - optional list of nodes as a comma-delimited, hyphenated string (default None).
raw - If True returns raw json dict. If False, adds nid indexing (default False)
by_cname - if True, returns the nodes keyed by Cray cname (default False
A dictionary with call status, Consult CAPMC documentation for details
......@@ -208,16 +207,17 @@ def fetch_ssd_static_data(nid_list=None, raw=False):
if nid_list is not None:
args.extend(['-n', nid_list])
ret_info = _call_sys_forker_capmc(CAPMC_PATH, args)
if not raw:
if not by_cname:
# Because everything else in this system works on nids.
fixed_ret_info = {}
fixed_ret_info = {'e': ret_info['e'],
'err_msg': ret_info['err_msg']}
fixed_ret_info['nids'] = []
for key, val in ret_info.items():
if key not in ['e', 'err_msg']:
for ssd_info in val: # This is a list of SSDs potentially
fixed_val = val
val['cname'] = key
fixed_ret_info[key] = val
ret_info = fixed_ret_info
return ret_info
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