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......@@ -118,7 +118,11 @@ usage and caveats, see the document src/models/model-net/doc/README.loggp.txt.
The torus model (model-net LP name: "torus") represents a torus topology with
arbitrary dimension, used primarily in HPC systems. It is based on the work
performed in (TODO: cites).
performed in:
M. Mubarak, C. D. Carothers, R. B. Ross, P. Carns. “A case study in using
massively parallel simulation for extreme-scale torus network co-design”,
ACM SIGSIM conference on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulations
(PADS), 2014.
The configuration parameters are as follows:
* n_dims - the dimensionality of the torus
......@@ -126,7 +130,8 @@ The configuration parameters are as follows:
four-dimensional, 4x2x2x2 torus.
* link_bandwidth - the bandwidth available per torus link
* buffer_size - the buffer size available at each torus node
* num_vc - number of virtual channels (currently unused)
* num_vc - number of virtual channels (currently unused - all traffic goes
through a single channel)
* chunk_size - element size per transfer. Messages/packets are sent in
individual chunks. This is typically a small number (e.g., 32 bytes)
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