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......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ storage. This is part of the ExaHDF5 ECP project lead by Suren Byna <sbyna@lbl.g
* H5Dread_to_cache -- reading data from the parallel file system and write the buffer to the local storage
* H5Dread_from_cache -- reading data directly from the local storage
## Parallel HDF5 Write incororating node-local storage
## Parallel HDF5 Write incorporating node-local storage
test_write_cache.cpp is the benchmark code for evaluating the performance. In this testing case, each MPI rank has a local
buffer BI to be written into a HDF5 file organized in the following way: [B0|B1|B2|B3]|[B0|B1|B2|B3]|...|[B0|B1|B2|B3]. The repeatition of [B0|B1|B2|B3] is the number of iterations
* --dim: dimension of the 2D array [BI] // this is the local buffer size
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