Commit 74288ff9 authored by Huihuo Zheng's avatar Huihuo Zheng
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add cache vol as a submodules

parent 36dafe88
[submodule "cache_vol"]
path = cache_vol
url =
cache_vol @ 4473145d
Subproject commit 4473145d6083d49dd0d75f56597a61358ceb5da4
......@@ -1940,6 +1940,9 @@ H5VL_pass_through_ext_file_open(const char *name, unsigned flags, hid_t fapl_id,
if (getenv("SSD_CACHE")) {
file->read_cache = true;
return (void *)file;
} /* end H5VL_pass_through_ext_file_open() */
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