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      Adding more options to the exerciser (including new options to add custom... · df5fea3e
      Richard Zamora authored
      Adding more options to the exerciser (including new options to add custom stride distances, memory hogging, performance counting, and self validation). There is also a new Excerciser/Cray/ directory with an example script and corresponding README.md file (to help Cray get started with this testing code). Note that the memory hoggin option and custom stride options (--memuse and --stride) are somewhat limited and experimental). In this version of the code, the hdf5 datasets must be <=4 dimensions (this is easy to change in the future, but was more convenient for now).
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      Multidim support and performance timer changes from Rick Zamora · ccf38b31
      Richard Zamora authored and Paul Coffman's avatar Paul Coffman committed
      initial changes to replace minbuf -> maxbuf approach with minbuf, numBufLoops, bufMultiple
      adding multiple-dimension code... not working yet (this is just a checkpoint)
      some fixes, basic multidimensions working
      basic multi-dimensional functionality -- need to test/debug for dervived types and attributes -- currently spliting 0th dimension in file ONLY. Therefore, need to figure out how we want to map ranks to spatial regions of the dataset, because current approach should be pretty similar to 1d array
      Code now divides file into grid of mpi ranks -- does not yet work for derived types
      still trying to debug derived-type -- checkpointing
      Seems to be a wroking versin of exerciser.c with multidimentional arrays and chunked storage allowed
      adding bool lib
      changing the case of a commandline arg
      changing the case of a commandline arg - correctly this time
      working version of multidimensional exerciser.c
      adding raw bandwidth measures to listing results
      trying to be more careful about division by zero in timers
      try writing timer measurements for every iteration (provide more info to a postprocessor)
      changing timers to provide more info -- not finished, just a checkpoint
      Four metrics are now returned with the results -- min, max, avg, std
      Formatting adjustment
      FIVE metrics are now returned with the results -- min, med, max, avg, std -- The minimum, median and maximum should give a good idea of the range of performance to expect
      Setting NUM_ITERATIONS to 25 -- want default number of iterations to be reasonably statistically significant
      saving some plotting progress - etc.
      adding experimental script to plot results with layered errorbar representation
      adding scripts to collect multidim data on theta
      fixing a typo in subprocess call
      fixing example scripts for theta
      minor changes to example scripts
      fixing exerplot.py for 1-3 dimensions
      adding Theta results to repository -- adding png files along with raw data (may need to put this somewhere else in the future?)
      moving timers -- need to experiment to determine best way to organize resuls into a meaningful way
      small tweak
      adding one sided run in submit.py
      experimenting with custom agg perf counters -- need to test if new approach works
      improving custom timer organization
      changing exerciser.c to print out all custom agg performance counters for now -- this should probably be adjusted after we decide the best way to capture RMA performance
      fixing bug in conversion of long to double
      preparing excerciser for new batch of runs using cray-mpich-7.7.0
      adding flag to turn on custom performance counters
      adding the perf flag to the submit script
      allowing the user to set a custom stride distance between items in local memory -- with a stride >1, the chinking is likely to be very inefficient
      correcting type conversion mistake
      tweaking some code -- not sure why custom perf counters are breaking the original counters
      playing with the code to debug a bit
      debug -- setting cutom perf counters to 1.0
      try using temporary variable for reducing custom perf timers
      changing interface to ccio performance counters -- returning a double now
      correcting void to double error
      correcting void to double error - again
      new approach to organize moments
      new approach to organize moments (2)
      new approach to organize moments (3)
      new approach to organize moments -- further re-organization
      new approach to organize moments -- further re-organization (2)
      fixing bug in getmoments function
      further testing -- fixing const char mistake
      custom stride does not work for multidimensional arrays -- custom perf timers are also breaking the code
      removing real calls to ccio branch performance counters - because something needs to be DEBUGED
      possible fix to this bug
      new organization seems to avoid the memory bug I had before -- still need to fix local strides >1 for numdims >1
      testing if same issues show up on mac and theta
      fixed a few small issues -- stride==1 now works fine on theta
      fixing some issues with custom stride settings and chunking of multidimensional datasets
      turning custom performance timers back on
      some minor cleanup -- before I forget
      adding the lock timer (it will record the time for all win_lock and unlock calls)
      fixing typo in new TotalWinLockTime performance timer
      Multidim support and performance timer changes from Rick Zamora
      Also includes some performance results.
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