Commit 64d74482 authored by Sudheer Chunduri's avatar Sudheer Chunduri
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Merge branch 'dynamic_link_apmpi' into 'master'

resolving the address of the real call to PMPI_Barrier for dynamic linking

See merge request AutoPerf/autoperf!9
parents 5e8b460b 6d9286ac
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ typedef long long ap_bytes_t;
#define TIME_SYNC(FUNC) \
double tm1, tm2, tm3, tdiff, tsync;\
int ret; \
tm1 = darshan_core_wtime(); \
ret = __real_PMPI_Barrier(comm); \
tm2 = darshan_core_wtime(); \
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